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Brethren of Lodge of Strict Observance Lodge #3 Detroit, Free & Accepted Masons of Michigan… Behold, we have a new newsletter.
This Newsletter is a part of our ongoing efforts to bring the lodge into the 21st Century.
To subscribe to the newsletter, simply click on the “Newsletter” button on the menu at the top of this page. This will open a new page where you simply enter your email address and click on “Submit” … That’s it!
From that point on, you will automatically receive the newsletter in your email every time a new edition is published.

Incidentally, it would be appreciated if those of you who are in touch with other brothers who, may not be aware of our technological advancements in the lodge, would kindly pass on the information so that they can also sign up.
It is hoped and expected that these new initiatives will enable us to stay in touch with ALL of the brethren of Union Lodge #3 and not just those who are still able to attend the regular business meetings.

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