2B1ASK1 (To be one, ask one)… Ever wondered how to become a Mason?  Were you led to believe that we are a secret society and that you must be invited to join? If so then you have been missing out!

You see, contrary to popular belief, becoming a Mason is a deeply personal choice. The decision to become a Mason must come from within you and cannot be influenced by us.  Becoming a Mason is a choice that you must make of your own free will, void of solicitation.  But how are you to join a lodge if you don’t know how or where to go?

That is where we can help… and why we say “2B1ASK1”.  If you want to become a Mason, your first step is to ask someone that you know is a Mason (or ask one of your friends if they know a Mason… I’m sure that someone within your circle of friends knows one) to point you in the direction of your local Masonic lodge. If no-one in your circle knows a Mason then look up Masonic lodges online.  Then contact the lodge directly and ask for an application to petition for the degrees.

Once you’ve completed your application and handed it back to the lodge, you’ll be investigated, and provided everything goes well, there will be a vote in the lodge to see if you can progress further.  After that, if everything is in order, then you will be contacted with information on becoming initiated as an Entered Apprentice (the first degree in our fraternity) – and so your Masonic journey will begin from there.

So, if you’ve been thinking about becoming a Mason, you can go through the steps listed above, or you can get started by filling out our “General Inquiries” form and ask to be sent an application to petition for the degrees.

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